A downloadable game for Windows

What's in the Hello Neighbour 2D pre-alpha v0.03

-Official main character.
-1 Key(Blue)
-1 ending+extra
-Extra characters with ability(buggy)

The game is not 100% complete,some rooms can't be access,there's so much more i want to add up in to this game but adding more stuff equals to more bugs and glitches,and it makes the game unplayable. So this is it for now,until i know how to fix the present bugs.

*KNOWN BUGS AND GLITCHES that i don't know how to fix it(yet),may or may not be fixed in the future.
-Neighbour is invisible sometimes.
-Door icon sometimes don't show up.
-Sometimes the player or the neighbour glitch to another room.
-Objects not in the right place sometimes.
-Sometimes the neighbour is running from you,instead of chasing you,pass you by instead of catching you.


HNPAV3.exe 23 MB


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this is a bad game i played it 4 months ago and the neighbour spawns right behind me for some reson please fix it :) BUGS AND GLITCHES